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Ok, I just found out that my thread had been re-opened, thanks moderators!!

Previously, I thought that I will be going for a Windows Phone 8, but I think I will be going for a Sony XPERIA sola (since my mom already pre-ordered XPERIA sola for me...)...

But hey, there's no pain to stick back with Android again though...
...and I found several factors that I won't be getting a Windows Phone 8 yet...




4. FEWER SUPPORT ON CERTAIN COUNTRIES (Windows Phone, especially XBOX LIVE (see my previous post))
-This reason maybe is one of the reason that FISHLABS have no further plans yet on making GOF on WP.

5. NO EXTERNAL STORAGE FEATURE (Winows Phone 7 but available in Windows Phone 8 though)

6. NOT MATURE ENOUGH (Windows Phone, well I still haven't see there are many manufacturers willing to make a Windows Phone (SONY, maybe they have conflicts with their PlayStation and Microsoft's XBOX?) and maybe this is why FISHLABS still don't have plans on WP...)

Well, these are some real truth and facts about these 2 OSes...

Another reason that I want re-open the thread is that if there is someone in the forum (like me), wanted to have some suggestion from the community on buying Android device, then this thread is always online and in service for them...

LOL! That's all I can say for now! Thanks everyone for their help and I really appreciate your guys suggestions. Image

Note to Moderators:
Please move this thread to the LifeStyle section as it's no longer just Off-Topic and obviously about our lives and phone... Image

Now let us see some new devices coming up next...


2. Leaked new Amazon Kindle Fire (see reports HERE!!)

3. NASA is sending Android to outer space (see reports HERE!!)

4. New PHONES and TABLET from SONY Mobile
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Unread post Re: Tips on buying an Android device by Shadow » 31. August 2012 09:25
I'd go with a WP8 device too. The OS is very smooth and device coming that will power it seem to be fairly strong. I can hardly wait to get my hands on one of those.