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Unread post Hey hey by Metalliguitare » 23. November 2013 15:16
Hello there.

I'm Alex, 27, and i live near Dijon, France.

I like the game since the release of GoF 2 and i think it's a great game. Those who thinks X3 game too difficult can rely on this simplified yet addictive SciFi RPG game.

I play GoF on my iPhone 5c, my iPad2 and i bought the Full HD version on my 27" iMac and believe me, it's gorgeous Image

For those who noticed on my nickname, i'm also a guitar player for 15 years. I play with my heavy metal band called "Depths of Madness"
If you like old school thrash/heavy metal, 3 titles of our new released Demo can be listened here : DoM's Souncloud

I'm looking forward to play GoFA to see how awesome they can turn MMO to the GoF universe. Until then, i play GoF2 :p

See ya :smile:

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Unread post Re: Hey hey by Void Nemesis » 17. February 2014 07:36
Yay! Un autre Français! :D
Welcome! I've been around on the forums since GOF2 SD Valkirie came out, however I've played the GOF series since the original GOF3D on Java. Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums and in game! :)

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Unread post Re: Hey hey by Someone » 18. April 2014 03:38
Hey there! I play guitar too but I'm new at it so I'm not the best.