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Lately a Fish. Labs has been showing their true colors in my estimation. A level of either arrogance or ignorance that seems to flow through the organization. That seems to be this: do not talk to your customers. Do not listen to your customers. Do not employer your support people nor your "Mentors" like Darth Vader in game to be able to help you and if pressed on an issue tell the mentors and support staff to say"Sorry...next window".

You have people like Darth Vader - not sure what his name is here, in the LINE chat rooms I created acting like a Fish Labs employee and when pressed he will not answer who he actually is makes the problems associated with Fiah Labs technical issues extremely frustrating. He claims he isn't empowered...well because he isn't an employee . So where ARE fish labs employees? Why aren't they actively participating in the LINE chat rooms where hundreds upon hundreds of their players congregate....the very players that feed their families?

I have played since the early closed beta and am responsible for setting up the communication network now in place that makes the Game so interesting....yet do you think anyone at FL has ever bothered to stop and write me a note to thank me for enhancing their game. Nope. I don't need that...but it shows how far removed FL is from their customer.

Darth Vader claims they haven't hired a community manager and he is all we get....well that again shows FL's utter lack of understanding of the value and power of their customers. If you think that frustrated customers are a bad thing...then make sure you ignore them and make it worse. Ignorantly I get the reply from Vader "use the forums". This is the singular most ignorant statement I've heard yet. He is also famous for saying that "The world doesn't revolve around you!" to one of his best paying customers...amazing customer focus.

This is an iTunes platform App...most users want a game they can buy and play and never have a clue what a forum is nor how to navigate to it and certainly they should not have to do that if FL were awake and talking to their customers where they congregate.

It is further damaging to FL and their customer relations to allow a "mentor" to be their sole point of contact in the chat facilities we all use. They dilute FL message....if they even have one...and show FL utter contempt for their customers.

Other comments I get are..."it is still the beta...let them improve" ....that is another ignorant comment...why? Well you don't call this a beta when they are taking your money!

All in all Fish Labs could benefit greatly from having an empowered employee visit the LINE groups from time to time..,the most prominent is the League of Leaders, and actually talk to their customers and stop hiding in their cubicles to avoid conflict. Engaging your customers is the best way to diffuse problems and show them you actually are thankful for feeding your families with their hard earned cash.

We are not numbers or user names or a line item on your Profit and Loss Statement...we are your customers ....those guys and girls who make it possible for you to do what you do everyday and have a job. Treat us with respect or we walk.

I am more than sure, seeing the massive inactive lists, that many have simply left the game and they could have avoided that by simply connecting wth their customer...Darth Vader says this..."when do you ever hear from customer support in other games" another clue that leaving mentors to represent your company in the largest communication medium is a BAD idea.

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