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Unread post Back. I suppose. by Void Nemesis » 30. March 2016 22:16
Hey guys.

I'm an old timer here. Ish. Started playing GOF on Java, before getting an iPod touch and switching to IOS for a few years, coming here to spam about things and be an idiot in general. I recently switched (again) to Android, and the first thing I saw when installing GOF2 (nostalgia is strong sometimes) is an ad for GOF3. Now, obviously I have to put a 'ads are ruining GOF2' comment in for the sake of integrity.
So I came here. I suppose that means I'm back, if only for a little while. So can someone explain to me what exactly is happening with this whole Manticore thing?

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Unread post Re: Back. I suppose. by Trubo_XL » 2. April 2016 15:38
*subscribed to topic*