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Unread post gofa alliances 14 hour bug by Alexandro17 » 25. July 2015 16:12
seriously fishlabs you are asking us for money after you screw up. am seriously asking is this your way of apologizing, because you are not coming down the community, you are just making them even more angry, you are trying to stop a fire by putting more wood into it. if you truly want to apologize, give us something without asking for money. It doesn't need to be big, just give us a few thousand troops or maybe a few void crystals. BY away it should not take an entire server to take down one void planet.

Please respond my concerns as soon as possible, and thank you very much for your time.

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Unread post Re: gofa alliances 14 hour bug by Comdr. Al » 25. July 2015 18:03
lol sounds like trolling ; )

but seriously, you ask for to much,
wouldnt it be nicer, if you just wait,
let them handle their Stuff,
i think they hurry up enough to bring this update out.

I also think its not easy to build a AI like this.
And you cant expect it, without some Bugs coming with the Voids.

There is still no real need to put alot of Money into this Game,
and if you think this you should do more Missions.
The Money Thing is really good balanced as it is,
no pay to win, but still for both Payers and Nonpayers enjoyably.


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FL isn't running GOFA as a favor to people, they are running it as a business. They have a level of responsibility to their customers. Free play doesn't pay the server bills and salaries. Paying customers do.

When they implemented the voids, it was quickly learned by players that any small to medium and large battle groups (BG) would be overwhelmed by void. Battle Reports (BR) showed staggering void ship counts into the 400,000-plus size. So, the players adapted. We launched a 2-million ship attack on them. That this tactic wasn't anticipated by FL is their fault, not the players (aka customers).

Introducing the void and having the AI crush small, medium, and large forces seems like a blatant attempt to destroy ships, which forces customers to do quick rebuilds and spend credits, which in turn means more people paying real dollars for credits to stay in the game.

That seems like a blatant attempt to ripoff their own customers, and those customers who have paid real dollars to play this game, have every right to be seeking answers.