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Senior Community Manager
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Unread post Recruitment Center: Mentors Wanted! by The Admiral » 17. September 2013 14:20

Salutations, Commanders!

Are you a seasoned pilot of our galaxies? Know how to tap those buttons to steer with one eye blind? Want to put pass on your good advice, knowledge and wisdom to fellow space commanders?

Then continue to read on:

With the growing of our communities it is time to bolster our ranks within the Community Management. For this we introduce the Mentor System - where volunteer space commanders such as yourself will fly side-by-side with Fishlabs Captains through our forums - and possibly beyond!

Short description: the mentors are highlighted members of our community that help our newcommers and users in the forums. They help in moderating the forums and in other various tasks. They are responsible to apply forum rules and give out warnings (if necessary), help with suggestions, edit and/or close threads.

Responsibilities & requirements of Mentors?
You need to be at least 18 years of age with a valid picture ID (for legal purposes)

  • Exceptional spelling & grammar (in general)
  • Exceptional knowledge of the English & native language (DE, RU and/or CN)
  • Good grasp of common sense, empathy & positive behavior
  • Very good knowledge of our games (especially our GoF-series)
  • Having played our games for over 1 month (minor exceptions may apply e.g. due to GoFA Closed Beta)
  • Knowledge of the games and its rules is a must - see forum rules!
  • Having time to be present onthe job (including being present on Skype team channels)
  • Be helpful, respectful and reasonable: the most important values when being a Mentor
  • Be able to work as a team and present / receive constructive criticism if necessary
  • Be active on the forums (a couple hours per week)

Which information should I include in my application?

  • A minimum of 150 words - Applications that do not meet this requirement will be automatically rejected
  • Why you think you'd make a good Mentor and what prompted you to apply in the first place
  • How you can fulfill our requirements and responsibilities
  • Your GoF experience
        • ...as well as any experience in other communities.
        • If you've been banned and if yes what for
  • What actually motivates you to apply
  • Some brief information about you (personality)
  • Anything other you find relevant

If you're interested send a PM to Admiral Mike with your information (ID is not needed at this point). He will evaluate your experience and get back in touch with you. Please do mind that the Admiral is usually on various space voyages so a reply might not be instantaneous.

If you've read this far -and I sure hope so- then let it be known that should we decide you're the one we'll compensate you for your time.

Your Fishlabs Community Management Team