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Unread post Galaxy on Fire 1&2 Java by SebastianG » 29. November 2011 12:48
Hello everyone,

Since we have received a couple of inquiries about Galaxy on Fire 1 & 2 for Java in the past, we'd like to offer both versions as a free download for the whole community.

Visit our new download area at www.galaxyonfire.com and download the Java versions in German, English or Russian language.

Please consider that we are not longer supporting Java and therefore we can't offer any help with the installation or other inquiries. Tickets about the Java versions won't be answered by our support team.

Enjoy exploring the galaxy,

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Unread post by Idea_generator » 29. November 2011 13:26
I'd like to add that even if we're giving these games away for free we're against modifying, decompiling or reverseengineering of all our titles including java builds which is intellectual property of Fishlabs Ent. GmbH.
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Unread post Re: Galaxy on Fire 1&2 Java by SvenH » 7. June 2013 13:58
Hi everybody,

Due to technical rearrangements Galaxy on Fire (Java) and Galaxy on Fire 2 (Java) are no longer available for download from our homepage. This also marks the final end of our support for the old Java games. While we announced this in the past we still tried to help with issues as best we could. However this is getting increasingly more impossible and in this regard it is that we won’t be able to answer Java related help requests anymore. We’d also like to thank you for your understanding and support.

All the best,
The Fishlabs Team

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Unread post Re: Galaxy on Fire 1&2 Java by Trubo_XL » 7. June 2013 18:04
LOL I guess this is the end...

But the games (Galaxy on Fire 3D & Galaxy on Fire 2) are still over at http://www.getjar.com/ so grab them all you can...

Still need some help?
Search around this old thread which covers almost anything what you want to know (how to download, for example)...

You might consider to use that Search feature up there at the Right just in case...

Still require assistant?
Drop a message here, maybe our fellow experienced fleet for Java will help you even if it's EOS for now... :D