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Unread post Space Ship shops by FORrest112233 » 11. January 2017 01:09
Is There a way to like 'refresh' the items like I'm trying to get a ship but it nerver changes (have to wait a long time) but it's rare also its called the Spector is there a way to active it or somthing

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Unread post Re: Space Ship shops by Snuffleupagus » 14. January 2017 06:12
The Specter should have appeared at Katashán Station, in the Paréah System once you have unlocked it by completing the Supernova campaign on Extreme difficulty setting, or by completing the Supernova campaign and obtaining all gold medals ALONG with the new Supernova medals in the other difficulty settings. Are you sure you didn't miss anything? It has always appeared on the station's inventory for me right away.