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Unread post GOF2 fansites by SvenH » 20. December 2012 16:04
Hi everybody,

There are a number of fansites dedicated to Galaxy on Fire 2, which come in a number of different languages. We’d like to introduce you to them, if you don’t already know ‘em. If you know of other fansites dedicated to GOF2 feel free to point them out in this topic and we’ll add them over time.

English GOF2 wiki:

German GOF2 wiki (work in progress):

German GOF2 wiki (also work in progress):

Russian fansite created by Idea_generator:

Best regards,


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Unread post GoF German Wiki by namj13 » 15. February 2013 02:53
Some users have created and are working on a German wikia site:
In addition to the one listed above.

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Unread post Re: GOF2 fansites by CaptainPicard12 » 22. February 2014 01:38
Wait isnt there the fan fiction GOF wiki?

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Unread post Re: GOF2 fansites by EvilEye » 8. October 2014 16:18
Please to all Developers of this Galaxy On Fire 2 HD please make another GOF 3 HD a extension gamaplay of GOF 2 HD we really LOVE this game...or make an NEW update in GOF2 HD so we can continue our adventure.

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Unread post Re: GOF2 fansites by TonyP » 7. April 2015 02:28
EvilEye, haven't been on this Board or re-playing the game until now. I've got every possible ship and level that you can achieve in GOF2, re-learning the game currently got a fully-armed Bloodstar with 265+MIL in the bank, just flying around blowing stuff up. Kinda boring, but what are you going to do? Not interested in Alliances, I like 1st person-shooter type games and GOF2 is still the best, even if it's old.

Noticed that my Avatar disappeared, guess that's what I get for not being on this Forum for 2 years. OOOps, now it re-appeared, guess it takes the system a little time to find it.