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Unread post Incompatible devices by Ghast1ygr1m » 6. January 2017 05:11
even though you made GOF3-manticore compatible with almost every device ipad mini 1 is still missing Image
If you could please do so to update so it would be compatible with ipad mini 1.
I really liked the gameplay on GOF2 and i dont care if people complain that GOF3 is a grinding game cause i really like to grind and cause i really want to play the gameplay on GOF3
So if you have the spare time to do so then please do it

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Unread post Re: Incompatible devices by electron64 » 28. March 2017 14:01
Yes, I agree. I have devices that aren't listed either. I wish my iPad 2nd gen and iPod 5th gen were compatible just like it is with gof and gof2.

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Samsug Galaxy Note II / Carbon
Unread post Re: Incompatible devices by astromedia » 20. May 2017 10:49
Any chance to get compatibility for Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (SM-P607T) and/or Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) too? I would love to try this game out :/
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Unread post Re: Incompatible devices by Rebu » 22. May 2017 05:53

you can check on gsmarena.com if your device does meets the minimum specifications for the game. If it does, the chances are high that they will be added later to the list of compatible devices. (Android)

For the iOS users it is something else, devices which aren't compatible now, won't be added at a later time. Those devices which aren't compatible simply doe not have the means to operate the game.

Please keep in mind that Galaxy on Fire 2 is several years old. Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore is making use of the latest innovations in mobile graphics rendering which aren't available on old devices.