Hello, welcome to the Deep Silver FISHLABS forums!
Please carefully attend our rules and in all time-sensitive cases please contact our support. We hope you enjoy sharing your thoughts with other players.
Deep Silver FISHLABS - Community - Forum rules
First of all, welcome to the official FISHLABS forums. We hope you will have a great time over here and take part in a lot of lively discussions with our staff members and other Galaxy on Fire fans from all over the world. We are very eager to stay in contact with our fans as closely as possible and hence we’d love to welcome as many space pilots as possible on these pages.

And even though we strongly encourage every one of you to speak their minds and engage in all different kinds of threads and discussions, there are still a couple of rules of behaviour that need to be displayed by all users of our forum to establish a supportive community and ensure a friendly exchange between the users.

1. No topics or replies with the following content:

- Racial / Ethnic
- Dissemination of personal data about other users of the forum without their consent
- Sexual intentions or pornography
- Links or contributions to cheats, hacks, Trojans or other malicious programs
- Insults or vulgar language
- Drugs or illegal activities
- Spamming, trolling and advertising in the forum

In all these cases, our staff members or moderators will delete the post right away and the thread opener will be temporarily banned from the forum. We have developed a cumulative penalty system (pyramid system), which leads to the permanent removal of any user, who violates our rules repeatedly.

2. No capital letters

Every post will get its attention and it is not necessary to resort to the use of capital letters to draw attention to your own topic. We reserve the right to delete such posts without further comment.

3. Do not open a double post

Should we stumble upon a post whose topic has already been discussed in another thread before, we will close it with a reference to the original thread in order to maintain the order in our forum.

4. “Punctuation marks aren’t pack animals”

Please do not use multiple punctuation marks to draw our attention towards your post. We’re keeping a careful eye on all new topics on these pages and will surely find your posts even if they’re not highlighted by a million exclamation marks. Please keep in mind that we will most likely delete your topic without further comment if you use multiple punctuation marks in the subject.

5. Copyrights from other media

Please don’t use any copyrighted texts, pictures or other assets in your posts. By posting any kind of picture, video or other element, you do agree that you own all use and exploitation rights for this item in all known media and content.

6. Threads, posts and search

Our forum covers a wide range of topics. To keep everything in order and make it as easy as possible for our users to find the topics they’d like to discuss, we encourage you to stay on topic and drift off to discussions that have nothing to do with the main topic.

Also, please use the search function before you open a new thread and check if there’s already an existing thread about the topic you’d like to introduce. Navigating the forum is all the more complicated, if it is flooded with multiple threads dealing with one and the same topic.

And last but not least, please use a detailed and descriptive title for your topics. A subject like "Help" does not contain a lot of useful information. A subject like "Mission X of GOF2", on the other hand, already gives us an idea of what the topic will be all about and hence we’ll know in advance what to expect. We have noticed that subjects with an interesting and informative title have more visitors and thus get more replies. Another hint: Always write the title after you have finished your text. That way it’s easier to come up with a fitting headline that appropriately reflects the content of your topic.

7. Reporting threads

On the upper right of each post there is a small “exclamation mark” which you can use to report inappropriate behaviour.

We'll review the respective posts as soon as we can and react in regard to our forum policy.

8. This is not a modification forum

While we generally overlook people tinkering and experimenting with the game files our forum is not the place to discuss these. Inexperienced modders might just end up breaking their game and losing their saves.

9. Write in complete sentences

Please write your answers in complete sentences. That way it is easier for other users to understand you and help you out as good as they can.

If you have any more questions about our rules, please contact us via e-mail to support@dsfishlabs.com.

If you feel that you’ve been banned unjustly or if you don’t understand the decision of a moderator or staff member, please open a support ticket and we will review your case.